Communication Design for Innovation (CDI)

CDI offers a refreshing view of communication in innovation processes with impactful societal outcomes. With uniquely designed and scientifically validated communication-based solutions in which education, research and business are connected. To speed up innovation processes and their outcomes today and in the future.

As humans, we are capable of doing a great many things, we have more knowledge than ever, and technological developments are advancing at breakneck speed. That’s how it needs to be as existing realities become constrictive. The earth is heating up, healthcare is becoming unaffordable, and we are becoming lumped together in metropolises.

These are issues that force us to look for smart, sustainable, and far-reaching solutions. Such transitions call for a new and intensive method of collaboration between scientists, engineers, policy-makers, and society which often goes beyond existing networks and beaten tracks, as we practice in our community of practice. Whereby expectations, habits, and ideas sometimes differ or even collide. This adds a new dimension to communication which successful and meaningful innovation cannot do without.

The area in which CDI is active within the wider domain of Science Communication is upstream scientific and technological developments and is about applied research on the public-private interaction and collaboration between scientists, engineers, policy makers and business developers.

In our inter- and transdisciplinary research we combine the human perspective, following four research lines, in five technology contexts as visualised in our CDI pinboard. Our research and education is organised as a living lab for communication for innovation for the future. See our project portfolio for more information.

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