Peter Boelhouwer appointed to Advisory Committee

Nieuws - 25 oktober 2018 - Communication BK

Peter Boelhouwer (OTB) is one of three experts appointed in an Advisory Committee to the Dutch Ministry of Economics and Climate. Together, these experts will give their expert opinion to the Ministry on the value and value decline of housing in the earthquake area of Groningen. 

The Advisory Committee has been asked to advise which of the existing models on value decrease of housing in the earthquake area around Groningen is the most suitable for implementation. The advice caters to the court ruling of the Court of Arnhem-Groningen, which states that home owners should be compensated for the value decrease of their dwellings caused by earthquakes in the area of Groningen, even if the homes are not sold. The Advisory Committee will shift through the existing research and will give an independent advice towards which model should be implemented. 

Peter Boelhouwer is Professor of Housing Systems at OTB. He brings his expertise of the Dutch housing market to the table.  

Read about the official appointment in the Staatscourant (Dutch only).