The role of stations in future metropolitan areas

Nieuws - 01 februari 2018 - Communication BK

What will the role and function of the station of the future be? The Delft Initiative for Mobility and Infrastructure (DIMI) awarded a € 87.500,- research grant to Manuela Triggianese and Roberto Cavallo to research possible answers to this question in a cross-disciplinary program. 

The research project is willing to crossover several initiatives that are currently running at AMS Institute and DIMI. The project deals with the topic of the role and function of the station of the future, including the growing number of users, sustainability, urban integration and integration in the overall mobility system, accessibility to and from the stations/airport, between rail-metro stations and other mobility nodes (bus, bike, and car sharing). The intention of the cross-disciplinary program is manifold. Firstly, the progam aims to influence, implement, and contribute to the ongoing OV Toekomst 2040 policy of I&M through a research driven approach and via design. Secondly, the program aims to build a consortium of partners, public and private, involved in station projects. Furthermore, the project will increase the awareness of the design potentials to help defining adaptive stations among city makers and involved stakeholders. Finally, the aim is to formulate principles for the design of resilient and time-proof intermodal urban transportation hubs.Looking at the station as focal point in the mobility network, this research will be also tightly connected with the DIMI initiative ‘Stad van de Toekomst’.