Vidi grant for Rik Vos

Nieuws - 08 juni 2018 - Communication ImPhys

The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded Rik Vos a Vidi grant worth EUR 800,000. A Vidi grant enables the researchers to set up their own research group to develop their own innovative line of research. 

Cardiac 3D re-perfusion imaging – QUANTO

H.J. (Rik) Vos (m) PhD, Erasmus MC, who is also attached to ImPhys.
Biomedical Engineering. After hospital intervention for opening of clogged cardiac arteries, one-third of patients show no restored blood perfusion in the heart wall. The researchers will build a new echographic system to monitor the perfusion in the heart wall during the intervention, which enables patient-specific treatment for better health afterwards.