Martijn Nagtegaal joined our group as PhD student

Nieuws - 04 maart 2019 - Communication ImPhys

Martijn Nagtegaal started as a PhD student with the Department of Imaging Physics on 1 March 2019. He will work under supervision of Frans Vos on a project funded by Medical Delta.

The subject of his work will be the development of quantitate MRI features for early detection of the development of Alzheimer’s disease and for treatment selection after stroke.

Martijn obtained Bachelor degrees in Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics at the TU Delft. After getting a Master degree in Applied Mathematics at the TU Delft and TU Berlin, Martijn decided to return to the faculty of Applied Physics for a PhD project.

During the past years Martijn ran in several international marathons; he ran the marathon of Hamburg in 2:40:31 which is currently his personal record.