Doris van Halem appointed as Professor at TU Delft

Nieuws - 23 augustus 2022

Doris van Halem has been appointed Professor of Drinking Water Quality & Treatment at TU Delft. Both nationally and globally, our drinking water sources are under increasing pressure, which calls for new strategies and technologies to secure access to safe water. Her goal is to understand how contaminants behave in our water and to use this knowledge to develop new processes for sustainable water treatment.

Van Halem also leads the TU Delft | Water for Impact programme, within which she is responsible for stimulating international water research in the context of sustainable development. Her research focuses on the often complex interaction between biological, chemical and physical mechanisms in purification processes, such as biological sand filters, ceramic membranes, dune passage, and electrocoagulation.

More information about Doris van Halem can be found here