From deep learning research to clinical impact

DCC, RST department and HollandPTC joining forces to improve cancer treatments

Nieuws - 23 januari 2023

An interesting collaboration between the Digital Competence Centre, the Radiation Science and Technology (RST) department of TU Delft and HollandPTC.

The Digital Competence Centre of TU Delft (DCC) will join forces with HollandPTC and the RST department in a year-long collaborative project. During this time, Research Software Engineers from the DCC will provide vital software development and implementation support, and work together with the TU Delft researchers and HollandPTC IT experts and medical physicists, towards the clinical implementation of the TU Delft developed algorithms. By co-developing the necessary software improvements, adaptations, documentation, and integrated testing and quality assurance framework, the project aims to deliver a reliable, streamlined, and automated solution for fast dose calculation in a clinical environment, satisfying the clinical requirements and enabling medical professionals to further research and improve robustness evaluation.

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Clockwise from top left: Danny Lathouwers, Zoltán Perkó, Maurits Kok,  Jesus Rojo Santiago, Oscar Pastor-Serrano and Manuel Garcia Alvarez