Deltaweek: Climate & delta drinks

09 januari 2024 17:15 t/m 18:30 - Locatie: Co-Creation Centre TGV | Zet in mijn agenda

This event is part of the Deltaweek and our 182nd Dies Natalis

Network drinks by the Climate Action Programme. Meet your fellow climate action researchers (staff and students); find collaborations and get amazed by all the impressive initiatives your colleagues are working on in the field of climate change.

At 17:45 Pro Vice Rector of the programme, Herman Russchenberg, will give an introduction followed by a keynote by an expert in this field.

This network is for free for everyone (students, staff and external). But please register via this link.

About TU Delft’s 182nd Dies Natalis 2024 and Delta week

To keep our Dutch delta and deltas around the world safe and liveable, we urgently need to rethink them, and plan and design them differently –  a challenge that can only be solved with an integrated and interdisciplinary climate adaptation approach. Redesigning deltas is the theme of our universities birthday celebration and the preceding Delta week. It’s the perfect occasion to share best practices, hone our methods and shape our knowledge. Join the festivities!