Deltaweek: Redesigning Deltas - Student perspectives unveiled (join the conversation!)

11 januari 2024 13:45 t/m 15:45 - Locatie: TU Delft Echo building, room Arena | Zet in mijn agenda

This event is part of the Deltaweek and our 182nd Dies Natalis 

Our current economic and urban development does not only speed up climate change, it also increases our vulnerability, especially in deltas. With rising sea levels, ever more floodings, coupled with intensified droughts, heatwaves and ecosystem degradation, the need for resilient solutions for our deltas has never been greater. TU Delft students are at the forefront of understanding these challenges and developing approaches and solutions for shaping a better future for deltas worldwide. 

During this interactive session, our students will pitch their work on reshaping Deltas to an expert panel led by Paul Gerretsen, agent at Vereniging Deltametropool. The experts are: Hilmer Bosch (Postdoctoral Researcher Global Commission on the Economics of Water at the University of Amsterdam), Melvin van der Veen (Senior policy officer Inclusive Water Governance for Climate Adaptation at Both ENDS) and Wieke Pot (Assistant professor at WUR/4TU). Every student brings a unique perspective to the table, offering diverse analyses and solutions to the challenges our deltas face from citizen-science-led and participatory approaches, new coastal eco-infrastructure to collaborative policy arrangements and innovative design.

You are not only a spectator, you will be provoked and inspired to join the conversation. Share your insights, questions and perspectives to shape the dialogue and the future of our deltas worldwide. Together we can envision a world of resilient Deltas.

Don't miss this chance to be a part of the conversation on delta innovation and join us for an afternoon of inspiration and collaboration.

Students who will be presenting their work are:

Ludwig Branzk

Beyond Lignite: The Future of Spreewald in Lusatia’s Post-Lignite Landscape


Ryan Tan

Mapping the system underlying inertia in the (storm)water transition in cities in the Netherlands - through a financing perspective


Fahira Gearahmani

Governance Gaps behind the Construction and Dredging in Poso 1 Hydrodam (Central Sulawesi)


Gerdus van der Laarse

Towards climate just nature-based solutions: A social vulnerability framework for mapping ecosystem service demand


Nicole Chang

(Re)introducing co-existence: Unfolding the urban-water-soil metabolism on the coast of Paramaribo


Kjell Albers, Vince Deelman, Max Verberne, Siebe van der Burg

DISASTER RESILIENT GALVESTON- A multidisciplinary project on the design of sustainable measures to counteract coastal and pluvial flooding issues in Galveston


Matthijs Verdaasdonk

Water scarcity - How policy developments can be complemented to match the changes occurring up to and including 2050