Deltaweek: Student hackathon: Crafting Flood Resilience in the Rotterdam Region

09 januari 2024 13:00 t/m 17:00 - Locatie: Co-creation centre at the Green Village on TU Delft campus | Zet in mijn agenda

This event is part of the Deltaweek and our 182nd Dies Natalis

The Maeslantkering, the big storm surge barrier, protects us during high water levels and has been flexing its muscles since 1997. With the rising sea level, we need to redesign the Maeslantkering to ensure it holds back more water. Or not? Is a storm surge barrier the only way of creating safety? Can we make this barrier a multitasking maestro that protects us from floods, improves ecology and impacts our urban spaces? And what about fresh water levels and the economic impact of different waterway scenarios?

We challenge students from different disciplines to join forces and come up with fresh, bold ideas and innovative solutions to keep the Rhine-Meuse Delta region safe and liveable. Join the hackathon and challenge your fellow students in their area of expertise. During the day, a reporter and a panel of experts will follow the process thoroughly and guide you. By the end of the day, an illustrator will give life to your ideas in a vibrant drawing!

Bring your quirks, your wild thoughts and we will provide snacks for that brainpower boost! 

Free pizza lunch available in advance of the hackathon!

Participants are invited to stay for the Climate Action Drinks (17:15 in Co Creation Centre).

About TU Delft’s 182nd Dies Natalis 2024 and Delta week

To keep our Dutch delta and deltas around the world safe and liveable, we urgently need to rethink them, and plan and design them differently –  a challenge that can only be solved with an integrated and interdisciplinary climate adaptation approach. Redesigning deltas is the theme of our universities birthday celebration and the preceding Delta week. It’s the perfect occasion to share best practices, hone our methods and shape our knowledge. Join the festivities!