Pavol Bauer, Gautham Ram and Menno Kardolus awarded “Most Significant Innovation in Electric Vehicles” prize

News - 13 April 2018 - Communication

At the IDTechShow! the prize for the “most significant new innovation in hybrid or pure electric vehicles” whether by land, water or air was awarded to Pavol Bauer, Gautham Ram (TU Delft) and Menno Kardolus (PRelectronics).

From left to right: Gautham Ram, Menno Kardolus and Pavol Bauer
From left to right: Gautham Ram, Menno Kardolus and Pavol Bauer

From left to right: Gautham Ram, Menno Kardolus and Pavol Bauer

Researcher Gautham Ram Chandra Mouli developed a system which charges electric cars quickly and directly using solar power. ‘Thisis a real recognition for the research, and a recognition for TKI Urban Energy that financially supported the project’ Mouli says. Electric cars are seen as the sustainable future of transport. But they are only truly sustainable if the electricity used to charge them comes from sustainable sources and not from fossil fuels. 
This is why researchers and businesses are also looking into charging electric vehicles with solar panels. Based on Gautham Ram Chandra Mouli's doctoral research, TU Delft has developed a quick charger together with the companies Power Research Electronics and Last Mile Solutions which can charge cars directly with electricity from solar panels. The project is funded by the Dutch Urban Energy Top Consortium (TKI Urban Energy).

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