Triple IDE win at iF Design Talent Award 2020

News - 14 May 2020 - Communication

IDE projects Foxpat, Excelscope 2.0 and the Schistoscope have won an iF Design Talent Award. This award is one of the most important design prizes for students from all over the world. There were around 10,000 submissions this year and 112 have been selected as winners. Foxpat has even been highlighted in the 'Best of the Year' list - one of just seven designs. iF provides a platform for talented young designers and their future-oriented concepts.

Foxpat / Surgical training device
Foxpat is designed to help surgeons practice knee replacement surgery. Foxpat is a reusable training simulator. It is a realistic physical simulation of a patient's knee, with integrated sensors to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the procedure.

Nittin Gurram, alumnus from the Integrated Product Design Master says: “It is a great honor to win the iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD. Thank you iF for encouraging young designers with this prize. This recognition motivates me to continue solving design problems and building a better future for everyone.”

Excelscope 2.0 / Medical device
The Excelscope reduces workload of medical staff in developing countries by automating the analysis of blood samples. It uses a smartphone, ball-lens and algorithms to magnify and identify malaria parasites (1 μm) in blood samples. 

The student team, guided by IDE’s Associate Professor JC Diehl comment: “The Excelscope represents more than an innovative medical device. It's a statement to the world of what design can do. It's tangible, it's complex, it's concrete – and it can solve real problems for people. …”

The Schistoscope / Medical device
The Schistoscope is a 3D-printed, smartphone-based diagnostic device for point-of-care detection of schistosomiasis in remote areas where the disease is endemic and the result of another student project coordinated by JC Diehl. 

Ralph Wiegmann, iF CEO, praised the Schistscope: "From the point of view of availability and functionality, this solution is tailored to local needs. A great aspect of this design is that the designers have already created a working prototype.”