Lydia Chen has papers accepted and appearing on flagship conferences and journals in various areas of machine learning systems

News - 01 February 2021

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent Special Issues of IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems

  • SGD_Tucker: A Novel Stochastic Optimization Strategy for Parallel Sparse Tucker Decomposition (link)
  • Accelerating Gossip-based Deep Learning in Heterogeneous Edge Computing Platforms (link)

Deep Learning with Dirty Label Problems

  • ''Online Label Aggregation: A Variational Bayesian Approach'' will appear in WWW 21 (link)

Queuing Modeling for replication systems

  • ''Practical Analysis of Replication-Based Systems'' will appear in INFOCOM 21

Deep Models Edge inference

  • ''MASA: Responsive Multi-DNN Inference on the Edge'' will appear in PerCom 21, research track
  • ''MEMA: Fast Inference of Multiple Deep Models' will appear in PerCom 21, industry track

Hyper Parameter Tuning for Deep Model Cluster

  • ''Courier: Real-Time Optimal Batch Size Prediction for Latency SLOs in BigDL'' will appear in ICPE21, industry track