Giovane Moura was appointed Assistant Professor in Cybersecurity

News - 22 November 2022 - Communication

Giovane Moura was appointed part-time Assistant Professor in Cybersecurity on November 1, 2022.

Giovane is a world-class expert in DNS security, Internet measurement, Internet security, and Distributed Denial of Service attacks mitigation.

Giovane has been a Data Scientist with SIDN labs for more than seven years and has gained valuable experience collaborating with academic, industrial, and governmental patterns.

His research has been accepted to USENIX Security, ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), ACM ASIACCS, and eCrime, and has received best paper awards in the Passive and Active Measurement Conference (PAM) 2022 and Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference (TMA) 2021.

Welcome, Giovane!


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