Delft Academic Shop (DA-SH) to close its doors as of 31 December

News - 26 October 2022 - Communication


Dear employees of the Faculty IDE,

Unfortunately, we come with the bad news that Delft Academic Shop (DA-SH) will close its doors as of December 31.

We have tried our very best to make the store profitable since July last year, but we have not succeeded partly due to the influence of various external factors. Since the corona crisis, the campus has been much less busy and last year we even closed completely for several weeks because of the corona measures. Also, educational materials are increasingly digitized, drastically reducing the number of required and recommended books.

For this year, despite everything, we had counted on an increase in sales. However, this did not materialize because, due to extremely high inflation, many students can no longer buy everything they want or need.

The board of the company to which DA-SH belongs has therefore decided not to wait for the inevitable bankruptcy, but to stop the store before then so that we can settle everything neatly, both for our suppliers and our customers.

In the coming weeks it will still be business as usual, although not all items that are sold out can be reordered.

You can still place orders until December 2. By this we mean out-of-stock items and gift certificates. Items out of stock can still be delivered by track code until December 16. After that, only cash payment or payment by pin/credit card is still possible.

We would like to thank you all very much for your patronage, your trust, and especially for the way we have been included in the IO community and the pleasant atmosphere we have been privileged to experience. We enjoyed working here and will miss the faculty and our clients very much.

Kind regards,

Dennis Herman
Marien van Leeuwen