A bridge too far? Aparently not!

News - 10 October 2023 - Communication EWI

During the famous ONE conference in The Hague, TU Delft researcher, Prof. George Smaragdakis (section head Cyber Security) participated in a panel discussion on the collaboration between industry and academia. The panel was organised by Ms Eveline Vreede (ACCSS Managing Director and TU Delft Safety and Security Institute) and Dr. Erkin (ACCSS vice-chair and TU Delft Cyber Security Group)  on behalf of ACCSS (www.accss.nl). The panelists including Prof. Lokke Moerel (Tillburg), Prof. Sandra Etalle(Eindhoven) and Mark Wijnhoven (ASML) discussed several aspects of industry-academia collaboration. It seems this is just a beginning as everyone agrees to communicate more for better collaboration!