The Cybersecurity Group @ EEMCS Hosts a Meetup for Women in Cybersecurity

News - 28 March 2023 - Communication EWI

The Cybersecurity group at TU Delft collaborated with WICCA (Women in Cybersecurity Community Association) -- a volunteer group for women in cybersecurity based in the Netherlands, to host a meetup on "Cybersecurity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" on March 27, 2023. We hosted four exciting talks on different aspects of AI within cybersecurity. We even got to hear the industry perspective on the use of AI. The overarching theme of the discussions was how academia and industry can help each other to improve our defense capabilities.

Azqa Nadeem (PhD candidate and lecturer @ TU Delft) explained what is wrong with black-box models, and provided an overview of Explainable AI within the security literature. Valentine Mairet (Security Manager, Incident Response @ GitLab) provided a glimpse into the industry use of AI, and examples of adversarial attacks in the wild. Daniël Vos (PhD candidate @ TU Delft) further demonstrated adversarial attacks on XAI systems. Finally, Florine Dekker (PhD candidate @ TU Delft) initiated an important discussion regarding the privacy of federated learning systems.
The meetup was attended by academics from TU Delft, security professionals from the government, and companies like Fox-IT and Eye security.