Lennart de Jong second place Best Student Paper Award

News - 23 June 2023 - Communication EWI

At the 2023 International Microwave Symposium (IMS), former QuTech student Lennart de Jong won second place for the the Best Student Paper Award. His paper is the main result of Lennart’s MSc graduation project, which was supported in part by Intel Corporation and in part by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research under a Veni Program.

The paper describes a clock data recovery (CDR) architecture demonstrating a low recovered clock jitter and high jitter tolerance thanks to incorporating a complementary charge sampling phase detector and clock alignment loop. As the first cryo-CMOS CDR, it enables the required data communication between classical and quantum processors in future large-scale quantum computers. Yearly, the IMS has more than 3000 attendees. The other co-authors of the paper are Joachim Bas, Jiang Gong, Fabio Sebastiano, and Masoud Babaie.