Excellence Fund awarded to Healthcare Systems Professor John Clarkson

News - 20 April 2023 - Communication

Delft University Fund has awarded an Excellence Fund to Professor John P.J. Clarkson to kick-start his research in Delft. Professor Clarkson, a full professor at the University of Cambridge, was appointed as a professor of Healthcare Systems at TU Delft’s Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering during the pandemic. This starter funding will be used to establish his research group in Delft, leading to improved patient outcomes, increased efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system, and reduced costs. His research findings will be integrated into the Delft design-led Improving Improvement Toolkit, with a particular focus on its value to design practitioners.  

Professor Clarkson is a renowned scholar in the fields of health system design, inclusive design, and change management. He has developed a unique approach to systems engineering, which centers around a set of key questions co-developed with health and care professionals. His approach focuses on the key perspectives of  people, design, systems, and risk. 

Professor Clarkson expressed his gratitude by saying: “I am honoured to be given this opportunity. As leaders in design, technology policy and healthcare, I believe that TU Delft is perfectly placed to help bring impact in healthcare systems by design. I am proud to be here!” 

Jaspar Peterich, Director of Delft University Fund: “the Excellence Fund is intended for precisely this purpose: attracting top international research talent kick-starting research and creating a ripple effect in the TU Delft research, education and innovation ecosystem. Professor John Clarkson is an exemplary recipient. Congratulations!”

Find out more about the Excellence Fund here.