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News - 02 August 2023 - Communication

The 4D PICTURE project, which aims to help cancer patients, their families, and healthcare providers better understand their options, was shortlisted for a Computable Award in the category ‘Zorgproject’. Support your colleagues and vote for the 4D PICTURE team!

The 4D PICTURE project aims to help cancer patients, their families, and healthcare providers to better understand their options. It supports their treatment and care choices, at each stage of disease, by drawing on large amounts of evidence from different types of European data.

The project has a multi-disciplinary research team, integrating health care research, data science, epidemiology, biostatistics, innovation and design research, health economics, implementation science, social sciences and humanities.

The role of IDE

Prof. Judith Rietjens: “With TU Delft, we focus on the integration of data driven decision support tools into healthcare services, considering both the human and systemic perspectives. Through a participatory approach, we will actively involve users and stakeholders throughout the entire process of design, development, and assessment of the tools.”

“The research will be informed by the NASSS (Nonadoption, Abandonment, and Challenges to the Scale-up, Spread, and Sustainability) framework. This framework will provide valuable insights for designing, developing, and assessing healthcare services that incorporate emerging technologies, striving for their successful implementation and long-term sustainability.”

TU Delft | IDE is involved in this pan-European project with Fernando Secomandi, Dirk Snelders, Judith Rietjens, Paula Melo Signerez and Kamran Rahmani,. The other Dutch organizations involved are Erasmus MC, LUMC and Panton.

About the Computable Awards

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Fernando Secomandi

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