IDE Professor Peter Vink receives Royal Honour

News - 03 May 2023 - Communication

Peter Vink, Professor of Environmental Ergonomics at the Faculty of Industrial Design (IDE) was made an Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau in the municipality of Rijnsburg.

Peter Vink focuses his research on developing new products and environments with a proven effect on comfort, performance and health. He has been doing this successfully for decades. He has written hundreds of scientific articles on the subject, as well as a number of books, such as 2016's “Vehicle seat comfort and design”. Vink is on the editorial board of several scientific journals, including “Applied Ergonomics and Work”. His current involvement includes designing and testing car interiors in projects with BMW and testing aircraft seats. He has also coordinated the Horizon2020 project ComfDemo and led the interior design of the Flying V project. 

Vink has been a professor at TU Delft since 2013. After studying Human Movement Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit, he obtained a PhD in biomechanics from the Medical Faculty in Leiden. From 1991, he worked at TNO as head of the Interior Design department. 

He is a much-loved lecturer, having guided more than 20 PhD students and more than 50 Master's students to the finish line. To the general public, he is known as an expert in design related to seating comfort in TV programmes. In 2011, he received the prestigious “Hal W. Hendrick Distinguished International Colleague Award” in the field of ergonomics.

Peter Vink: "What a surprise. I went for a walk with my children. And suddenly I run into colleagues in Valkenburg, where I receive an award, amazing. My work in international vehicle comfort is apparently appreciated. And perhaps the best recognition is that my six years as department chairman is also appreciated. It was wonderful to build on that with my colleagues in the department."