Graduate Entrepreneur Fund

“We’re matching, funding and guiding the best and brightest from Rotterdam and Delft”

Entrepreneurship is one of the most important drivers for social impact. TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam understand this like no other. While Delft contributes to a better society with technology and innovation, Rotterdam is known for its unique entrepreneurial mentality to seize business opportunities.

Fuel for young entrepreneurship

Graduate Entrepreneur is a platform for and by entrepreneurial students from TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam, which was founded together with entrepreneurial alumni from both universities. In addition to facilities and financing, this powerful collaboration also offers start-ups and scale-ups coaching and a relevant network. It provides unique growth opportunities to start-ups and scale-ups in various sectors such as technology, medicine and social sciences.

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I hope that by actively involving our Delft and Rotterdam alumni in increasing the number and quality of start-ups, we will improve our start-up ecosystem together. I am proud to be part of this development.

Ir. Menno Antal

donor Graduate Entrepreneur Fund

Ambition Graduate Entrepreneur Fund

The Graduate Entrepreneur Fund consists of a Pre-seed Fund and a Seed Fund. The Pre-seed Fund aims to boost about 20 to 30 new start-ups every year. Delft University Fund and the Erasmus Trust Fund work together to give substance to this Pre-seed Fund with donations from alumni. Donating to the Pre-seed Fund encourages student entrepreneurship and is tax attractive for donors.

The Seed Fund focuses on investments in the most promising start-ups. A significant proportion of the new start-ups are expected to grow into scale-ups with additional seed funding. The Seed Fund is a separate entity with professional fund managers and associated governance. From the Pre-Seed Fund investments have been made in twelve start-ups and a number of other promising start-ups are discussing a possible investment. The total committed capital in the Graduate Entrepreneur Fund now amounts to € 56 million.

Events and activities

Community Event 7 june 2022

On 7 June, founders, alumni, startups and other stakeholders gathered at the Erasmus Medical Center for the first edition of the Graduate Entrepreneur Community Event. After a founder-only session where the founders of portfolio companies met, a plenary presentation followed by Managing Partner Auke van den Hout of Graduate Entrepreneur. In addition, the portfolio companies Rapidemic, GetEase, Quantware and Auto-Pilot gave a pitch. This was followed by a startup fair, where startups discussed their plans and challenges with those present.


The following startups are supported from the pre-seed fund:

TU Delft Excellence Fund

Graduate Entrepreneur was co-initiated by the Development Board of the Excellence Fund. A great contribution to the TU Delft and EUR start-up ecosystem!

We have an excellent state of service in Delft with regard to incubation and validation. We need to scale this further so that we can compete with innovation clusters outside of the Netherlands. This initiative together with Rotterdam will further strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship. Never before in the Netherlands did alumni and students play such an important role.

This initiative together with Rotterdam will further strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship. Never before in the Netherlands did alumni and students play such an important role. Tim van der Hagen

Rector Magnificus / Chairman Executive Board TU Delft

Leonie Kalkman

More information

Would you like to know more about the Graduate Entrepreneur Fund and the donation options? Please contact Leonie Kalkman via or call: +31 (0) 6 43287795.