Trustfunds and Foundations

Would you like to support TU Delft with your foundation or trustfund? Looking for a valuable sustainable destination for your assets? As a foundation or trustfund, you can also contribute to Delft’s innovative impactful research, (online) education or talent development. Delft University Fund has extensive experience in connecting TU Delft projects and programs to your fund or foundation.

We will tell you more about the impact of your gift on scientists and students. You gain insight into the work that the scientists and students do and we are happy to develop a tailor-made program for you. Of course, you will regularly have access to the program that you support and engage with Delft team involved.

Zabawas Foundation supports students and researchers

Zabawas Foundation has been supporting hundreds of students, researchers and (international) professionals through the C.J. Zanen, Curriculum and Video Observatory Zandmotor. A unique TU Delft project for research and education of hydraulic engineering students and (future) professionals.

Eelco Akkerboom