TU Delft Excellence Fund

Pushing the boundaries of technology. Educating new generations of socially engaged engineers. That is the mission of TU Delft. This active role is necessary for solving the global challenges of today and tomorrow. TU Delft Excellence Fund supports this mission. The TU Delft Excellence Fund supports TU Delft's excellence strategy based on the three pillars of Research, Education and Valorisation, which together form the TU Delft ecosystem. In this way we work on impact for a better society.

Studying at TU Delft has brought us a lot – a university of which we are still very proud. The Excellence Fund is a great way to give something back to TU Delft. The aim of the Fund is clear and ambitious. It nicely brings together the potential of TU Delft and the power of these kinds of private initiatives.

― Chris de Ruyter van Steveninck and Marlene Sybrandy

Attract top scientists

The first focus of the Excellence Fund is to attract top international scientists and to help accelerate high potentials. Together they form a driving force in strengthening the TU Delft ecosystem. The TU Delft Excellence Fund focuses on alumni and friends of TU Delft who may consider a donation of €25,000 or more. Donors (Founders) become members of the Delft Leaders Programme. This programme offers events and networking opportunities exclusively for Founders.

Since graduating from TU Delft I have worked on dozens of projects with students and I want to continue to support TU Delft to explore sustainable solutions and innovations that we can only dream of today

― Maikel Lobbezoo

Join the Delft Leaders Programme

As a Founder of the TU Delft Excellence Fund, you gain access to the wider Delft community. By obtaining and sharing high-quality knowledge, and connecting with scientists, start-ups, students and other alumni and friends of TU Delft, you become part of our ambitious and decisive community that makes the difference. You will receive the latest scientific insights from leading scientists and you will be introduced to  ground-breaking start-ups. Of course, always in a small-scale, personal and exclusive setting that offers plenty of room for your personal interests and input.

Annual Founder Event

Every year the Annual Founder Event of the TU Delft Excellence Fund takes place. During this special event we look at the excellence and impact we make together and there is of course time to catch up.

The last edition of the Annual Founder Event was on 18 April 2023.

Development Board

The Development Board provides structure to a sustainable TU Delft Excellence Fund. The members of the Development Board are closely involved in the direction and further development of the Excellence Fund.

The TU Delft Excellence Fund and the Delft Leaders Programme focuses on TU Delft alumni and friends of TU Delft who want to contribute to the excellence strategy of TU Delft and who can consider a substantial donation. The initial focus is on donations of €100,000 (€20k per year for 5 years). However, every variant from € 25,000 (€ 5 k per year for 5 years) is negotiable. Together we support the TU Delft ecosystem based on the three pillars of Research, Education and Valorisation.

More information?

Would you like to know more about the TU Delft Excellence Fund and the donation options? Please contact Leonie Kalkman.


+31 (0) 6 43287795.