Executive Grant Committee

The Executive Grant Committee (EGC) consists of 10 representatives, designated by their respective faculties at TU Delft. This Committee is responsible for determining how the grants are allocated and makes independent decisions concerning student grant applications.

  • Chairman: prof. K. van der Werff
  • BK: prof.dr.ir. V.H. Gruis
  • TPM: Drs. J.K. Dekker
  • AE: ir. J.A. Melkert
  • AS: ir. P.L.J. Swinkels and dr. C.W. Hagen
  • CEG: dr.ir. M.C.M. Bakker and dr. M.E. Donselaar
  • IDE: prof.dr.ir. P. Vink
  • EEMCS: prof.dr.ir. A. Smets
  • 3mE: prof.dr.ir. B.J. Boersma