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30% of the students at TU Delft and more than 20% of Delft alumni are women. Those are numbers that matter. At the same time, female engineers in our society often face unique challenges. A group of female Delft alumni wants to take on these challenges. These Delft engineers are launching the Delft Female Impact Community, with the mission to connect, inspire and support female Delft students and alumni in the field of leadership and entrepreneurship in order to make as much impact as possible in our society.

One of the initiatives is the establishment of a special fund, the Delft Female Impact Fund, to strengthen the community's mission and financially support community initiatives. A fund under the umbrella of the University Fund, boosted by female alumni.

To contribute financially to inspiring, empowering and supporting Delft students and young graduates, around (personal) leadership and entrepreneurship and encouraging the TU Delft ecosystem to remove conscious and unconscious barriers and take a proactive role.

What do we spend this on?

  • Research into female leadership and entrepreneurship in the TU Delft ecosystem
  • Developing impactful Female empowerment programs
  • Network events and activities


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By making a donation via notarial deed, you you make a structural gift to the Delft Female Impact Fund. Your gift is recorded in writing in a notarial or private donation agreement (PDF). A condition for this is that the term is at least five years, whereby an amount is donated at least once a year.

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β€œBy connecting as many female Delft students and alumni as possible, sharing knowledge and experience, with strong interaction between different generations, finding each other, working together and helping each other. This way we can make a difference in all the organisations where we work and increase the impact 'for a better society'!”

β€œThe world is facing major challenges such as the energy transition, circular economy and good healthcare. We believe that more involvement of female alumni leads to more impact 'for a better society'. Because the best solutions for complex challenges come from teams with diversity and inclusion.”

Floor van Wingerden

TU Delft alumna

"Despite an extensive ecosystem in and around TU Delft that facilitates start-ups and scale-ups, there are relatively few female students and graduates who become entrepreneurs. Why is that? And above all, what can we do about it?"

Questions or suggestions? Very welcome! Please contact:

Relationship management & Development

Lisette Forbes Wels

Relationship management & Development

drs. Ingrid Janssen