Giving from Abroad

Many TU Delft alumni live abroad. Are you one of them and would you like to contribute to groundbreaking and impactful research, innovative education, valuable talent development and successful entrepreneurship at TU Delft? You can!

Transfer from abroad

You can transfer your gift to Delft University Fund via IBAN.

Direct debit

You can also easily donate with a standing order when you live in one of the SEPA countries (SEPA is the abbreviation for Single Euro Payments Area). These countries are part of the SEPA treaty. 

The authorization form can be found on this page.

If you are interested in donating to Delft University Fund, but the country where you currently reside is not listed? Please contact us via

Donating from the United States

If you want to donate from the United States, the information from the Netherland-America Foundation might be relevant for you.

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