Personal treatment in healthcare, using insight in the specific make up of someone's cells.

"Organs-on-chip are the best approach, so far, to discover and deepen our knowledge of human physiology. Organ-on-chip technology is the missing puzzle-piece in going from the fundamental tissue components back to the full human organism."

Massimo Mastrangeli

"When you explain the design capabilities and science mission of our rover, many people are already impressed. Then, when you tell them that the project is being carried out by a student team, mouths open in amazement."

Prachi Sachdeva

"If we see phase transitions in this theoretical system, then they should happen in real materials, too. These simulations are unthinkable on a normal computer."

Natalia Chepiga

"Training the ChatGPT 3.5 model costs around 500 tonnes of CO2 emission."

Luis Cruz

"We didn't know if it was impossible, and so we just did it."

Chris Verhoeven

"Everything I studied, I learned in a way that I would be able to explain it to my mother."

Ilke Ercan

"Within one year we had an active userbase – light-speed by academic standards."

Georgios Gousios

Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science