Humans of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

Karen van der Werff

It sounds so unreal, but it is really the future!

Karen is full-time board member external auditor of Electrotechnische Vereeniging (ETV). 'External parties understand my role, but within the university it is sometimes unclear. I connect students and companies, do a CV check, give workshops to prepare for work life after studying and organize excursions to companies. Because I have different contacts at various companies in various sectors, I also have a much better view of what is going on around us and learn what’s important to me. What do I personally think is important or interesting? Where would I want to work myself?

First I want the biomedical side. Next academic year I intend to do the Minor Medicine in Rotterdam. If I like that, than I would like to do the Master Medical Engineering or Micro Electronics. Bio-electronics in particular appeals to me. I Find it very cool that you can help people with electronic components. It sounds so unreal, but it is really the future!

All my time goes into the work for the study association. Previously I was already a member of a student association, it was fun, I made friends, got to know people and the faculty itself. But I wanted to do essential things. A study association and the work I do for this is more serious. I cannot make an appointment with someone at a multinational and not be prepared, for example. And I wanted to learn some managerial aspects so that I would gain a valuable experience. I found that more challenging and diverse. Now I organize study trips like not that long ago to ESA and BMW. That's how I explore and learn. I have been doing this role for almost a year now. And after this year I want to study again. But will also miss the boardroom and all friends I have there’.