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Martin Verlaan

My goal is to make reliable predictions about variations in the water level around the world

Prof. dr. ir. Martin Verlaan works for the Department of Mathematical Physics and conducts research into variations of the water level. He is in the early stage of his research on the North Pole, called 'Forecast Arctic Surges and Tides for the Netherlands' (FAST4NL). In addition, he works for Deltares, an independent Institute for applied research in the field of water and surface.

Martin: "We don't know much about the tides at the North Pole because the satellites used to measure this, are not passing the North Pole. The satellites which pass the North Pole are currently unsuitable for measuring the tides. The research I am going to start in cooperation with CiTG will work with those satellites and we are going to try to reconstruct images. We will use models in combination with satellite data. It is a great mathematical puzzle that intrigues me big time!"