Humans of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

Detmer Bosman

Are you interesting in the symposium Digital Health? The event will be held on the 6th of June. Find more information at

Detmer studies the bachelor Electrical Engineering and is almost done. Yesterday, I got my grades back and now I am working on my thesis. Together with other students, we are creating a system for a sensor. With the system, the sensor can be powered with RF-energy (Radiofrequency energy). RF energy is electromagnetic radio waves from phones, wifi, bluetooth or other devices. This way, the sensor does not need a battery. An example of such a sensor is a smoke detector. Once a year, the battery of a smoke detector needs to be replaced and if you have 2000 alarms in a building, this can be very expensive. With the sensor we are creating, this is no longer needed!
I am interested in the control engineering and one day, I hope to start my own project either within the TU Delft or at a company. But first, this thesis has to be finalized!

Next to my studies, I organise the symposium for the Electrotechnical association. The theme is Digital Health, robot assistance for a better health. Speakers from the TU Delft and a health related organisation will give lectures about how robots are incorporated in health care and medical engineering. One speaker will talk about a mini robot that a person can swallow. With this robot research can be done. The robot can be driven by electromagnetic radio waves from the outside. I’m not sure if I would do it myself, because it can go wrong. Who is responsible when things go wrong? Is it the doctor who uses the robot or the manufacturer? Technology brings us to this invention but do we want it? These questions will be answered at the end by the speakers with the public. I was asked to join the committee after I showed interest. Organising such an event is a huge responsibility, but I enjoy it!