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I like to be in a classroom filled with children and play a quiz and dance with them, gangnam style

Robots play an increasingly important role in our daily lives. At work, at school and at home. Therefore, it is important that children from an early age get acquainted with technology and learn to know the possibilities. NAO is an interactive education robot and teaches children how they can work together with this little friend. But also how they can program a robot. NAO supports the teacher during lessons and motivates children in a fun and non-judgmental manner.

NAO: "I regularly give interactive presentation, such as quizzes about healthy eating. We also discuss children's books or we practice words. Sometimes I see that children start to fantasize about the possibilities of technology, these children do not want to leave my side. Many girls find me cute and sometimes I give them an air kiss."

Listen to the interview from BNR radio (Dutch) about how NAO helps at school. Koen Hindriks (researcher at TU Delft and CEO of Interactive Robotics), Tamara Koopmans (teacher at the St. Wulfram in Hoogwoud) and others tell their story.

In this movie you can see NAO dancing.