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Nasim Rezaei

Last week my first paper was published in Optics Express. I felt amazing, I had a smile from ear to ear

PhD candidate Nasim Rezaei is part of the Photovoltaic Materials and Devices Group (department of Electrical Sustainable Energy) and her PhD program is backed by TNO. She works on the opto-electrical modelling of CIGS solar cells.

CIGS is a compound material with a high absorption coefficient in the violet to infrared range of light. Therefore, it makes a good candidate for thin-film photovoltaic technology.

Nasim: “It was quite a challenge to write a scientific article. English is not my native language, so finding the right words and making my research understandable for others took me a while. I really stepped out my comfort zone. Basically the process went like this: reading, writing, reviewing, reading, writing reviewing, it goes on and on. The process took a few months. When my article was published online I felt over the moon. In January 2018 the printed issue will follow, I can’t wait!”

About the publication

Nasim: “In my paper ‘Quenching Mo optical losses in CIGS solar cells by a point contacted dual-layer dielectric spacer: a 3-D optical study' in ‘Optics Express’ I give an explanation for the optical loss mechanism at the back contact of CIGS solar cells. Secondly, a dielectric structure is proposed and optimized to increase the conversion efficiency.”