Humans of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

Alberto Gancedo

I am looking forward to do live measurements with my prototype in a hospital.

Alberto Gancedo has just started with his Master-degree in Electrical Engineering. He has an extraordinary cool ‘student job’. With help from the TU Delft University Fund he is able to further develop a portable prototype to detect babies’ unusual brain activity, directly after birth which he developed himself when he was still a Bachelor-student.

Alberto: “It is a monitoring device to measure baby’s brain activity in a simple way, to easily detect malfunctions. Since a baby is fragile and can’t lay still, a standard cap with electrodes and lots of wires is not an option for a (premature) baby, so my prototype uses only few electrodes to overcome this issue and cause the least amount of harm possible. Its aim is to be small, portable, and cheap. Although it takes a lot of work, I might be able to do some live measurements with my prototype in a hospital by the end of this class year.”

Read more about his project and the role of professor Wouter Serdijn on the website of our Microelectronics department.