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Tim van der Lippe

During my internship at Google I learned to have a healthy work-life balance. By reducing the amount of working hours per day, I was more productive and able to resolve problems faster

Tim van der Lippe is a 2nd year master student Computer Science.
Last summer he did an internship of 3 months at Google in San Francisco. One valuable lesson he learned in the USA was how to implement a healthy work-life balance. Roughly in the middle of his internship, his host started a discussion about his work-life balance. He had noticed that Tim worked more than 50 hours and that he would be more productive if he would spend less time at work. Tim took his advice and adjusted his routine. Instead of returning to the office after dinner, he joined his colleagues in playing pool, pinball and table tennis. During the day Tim noticed that he was more productive and able to resolve problems faster. Tim: “Learning to manage my work-life balance was very valuable and I think that without working in industry and having peers discussing these problems, it is hard to make sure you are working in a healthy manner.”

About the internship

Read the report of his internship at Google which contains an overall impression of the working environment at Google in comparison to TU Delft, a description of the full internship, the technical aspects of the task he was given as well as an insight in the way Google can do software engineering on a large scale.