Student for a day

Would you like to know more about a specific MSc programme? Become a ‘student for a day’ and experience the MSc programme yourself. 

Due to the coronavirus, you will meet with a MSc student online only. The student will tell you everything you want to know about the programme, the faculty and the university, and will show you examples of lectures or thesis subjects. 

Requests to become a ‘student for a day’ are to be send to Please note that you can request this only for 1 Master programme. You can take part in a ‘student for a day’ from October to May.

Student for a Day is currently available for the following EEMCS MSc programmes

MSc. Applied Mathematics

MSc. Computer Engineering

MSc. Computer Science

(choose 1 out of 3 tracks)

  • Data Science & Technology
  • Software Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence

MSc. Electrical Engineering

(choose 1 out of 4 tracks)

  • Electrical Power Engineering
  • Microelectronics
  • Signals and Systems
  • Wireless Communication & Sensing

MSc. Embedded Systems

MSc. Sustainable Energy Technology

Special programmes

  • Computer Simulations for Science and Engineering (COSSE)
  • Cyber Security- 4TU


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