At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, we educate students to become excellent engineers of the future. Engineers who have been trained to be experts in their field, but who have also learned to make full use of their potential in personal skills. 

We deliver engineers who are confident in their ability to contribute to global societal challenges. We work from an organisational culture in which education and innovation are rewarded, connection - between research and education - is essential and our three disciplines complement each other. The interaction between education and research contributes to our world-class education. Together we work on an inclusive TU Delft community, in which students are never alone and are proud of their personal and collective achievements. EEMCS lecturers work on smart solutions every day and do not shy away from any challenge. Educating engineers with in-depth professional knowledge who dare to take on the challenges of the future is their active contribution to a better future.


EEMCS has nearly 5000 bachelor and master students and many of our teaching staff offer courses in mathematics and digital skills to students from the whole campus. Do you want to work in a challenging and vibrant environment and do you aspire an academic career with a focus on education? Then apply to one of our vacancies below.