Identity & Portfolio

Like a voyager searching for treasure, this course is an adventure of sorts. A journey of self-awareness as you discover your identity as a designer. Identity is a valuable asset that can be used as a source of inspiration, a compass that guides you in creating a portfolio that not only presents your work but who you are as a designer.

Imagine that the portfolio is a tool to communicate and express yourself as a designer, not a goal in itself. With that in mind, consider who you want to communicate with and what message you would like to convey about yourself. This elective course will guide you in creating an awareness about your identity as a designer.

Explore the landscape of identity in both theoretical and pragmatic ways. Use the information and inspiration provided to formulate your own questions about what identity is.

Understand who you are by profiling yourself in a sensitive, nuanced and open-minded way. Learn to engage in meaningful and intelligent dialogue by considering the different perspectives of the people you design for. Use that to communicate your position as a designer as illustrated through your work.

Ultimately, this course helps you develop relational competences. And it’s a chance to reflect on your experiences, giving you a compass to navigate the choices you face on your journey to becoming a designer.

Course Coordinator's perspective

“What motivates me is the wonderful students I get to work with. I feel so privileged to be with them in this exploration. I also feel it is such a great adventure and to see what emerges from their work is beautiful.”

Marieke Sonneveld

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