TU Delft at Dutch Design Week 2023

Dutch Design Week 2023 (21-29 October) will feature a bigger presence from TU Delft than ever seen before. Read on to find out what’s on, mark your diaries and see you there!

For the first time this year, you will be able to visit not one but two exhibitions from the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) at Dutch Design Week. A major new experiential exhibition, featuring installations dreamt up by IDE students and researchers will inspire visitors – especially young people – with design’s potential to shape our future world. Meanwhile the 4TU’s Design United will be exhibiting the latest in design research from the Netherland’s four technical universities, triggering debate around design’s role in societal transitions.
But that’s not all. With Delft design engineers also represented at 4TU’s Drive Festival and the Embassy of Sustainable Design by Van Berlo, TU Delft’s presence at Northern Europe’s biggest design festival promises ample opportunity for design inspirations, connections and solutions. More information will be added here in the coming weeks. 

Where to see TU Delft at DDW '23

Dream. Discover. Design. Exhibition

21- 29 October 2023

Are you fired up about Sustainability? Advocating for Diversity and Inclusion? Anxious about AI? Or, simply obsessing about how to become the best version of yourself?  How would you design the perfect world? 

TU Delft design students and researchers have dreamt up an immersive experience to inspire a new generation of designers. This free exhibition is open daily from Saturday 21 October until Sunday 29 October in the Skatehall Basement, Area 51, Ketelhuisplein, Eindhoven. More details and full programme coming soon. Bookmark this page!

4TU.Design United

21- 29 October 2023 | Klokgebouw, Eindhoven

4TU. Design United is back and better than ever for this year's edition of Dutch Design Week. They have been hard are work curating a stellar exhibition that will give visitors the opportunity to see and experience top design research from the four Dutch technical universities. This year 4TU. Design United's exhibition will focus on five contemporary themes in design:

  • More than Human - How can we create value for future habitats that are natural for the ‘life’ and growth of humans and nonhumans? 
  • Climate Futures Now - Design is a future-oriented practice. How to envision possible futures on a troubled planet, speculate about practices of tomorrow, and call to action?
  • Politics of Design - How do designers navigate the complex intersections of social structures, cultural differences, biases, stereotypes, and domination? 
  • Making Matters - With critical debates on the future directions of making in full swing, How do crafters of advanced enabling technologies make the new everyday a reality?
  • Disentangling AI, Design & Society - How to deal with sociotechnical complexity and shaping change?

DRIVE Festival

23- 27 October 2023 | Effenaar, Eindhoven

Just like last year, the Design Research & Innovation (DRIVE) Festival will take place in de Effenaar from 23 – 27 October. The festival is organized by CLICKNL and 4TU.Design United. If you attend, expect to see IDE researchers giving inspiring talks (DRIVE Live) and leading great work sessions (DRIVE Works). Like other years, every DRIVE day focuses on a major social theme:

  • Systems & Societal Innovation - How do we design for a healthy, thriving society?
  • Future Living Environments - How do you design an environment in which we would like to live, but in which there is also space for e.g. resilient nature?
  • Designing the Circular Economy - How do we ensure a more caring relationship with our products and materials worldwide?
  • Digital Society - How do we deal with securing public values such as inclusivity when designing the digital realm?
  • DRIVE 10 years - We will celebrate our 10th anniversary including matchmaking sessions and a big party

It is possible to attend DRIVE 2023 digitally. You can watch DRIVE Live daily from 10:30 - 11:30 via the livestream. Would you like to receive the link(s) to the livestreams in your mailbox one week before the event? Then register yourself using this link. Would you rather join a DRIVE Live or DRIVE Works in the Effenaar? Then be sure to sign up for the Effenaar waiting list here.

TU Delft & IDE researchers and projects to check out

TU Delft at Dutch Design Week 2023

21- 29 October 2023 | Eindhoven

Each and every year, TU Delft staff and students from various faculties throughout the university take part in Dutch Design Week. Stay tuned to find out who they are are and how you can experience their work.

TU Delft & IDE researchers and projects to check out