Dutch Design Week 2023 (21-29 October) will feature a bigger presence from TU Delft than ever seen before. Read on to find out what’s on, mark your diaries and see you there!

For the first time this year, you will be able to visit not one but two exhibitions from the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) at Dutch Design Week. A major new experiential exhibition, featuring installations dreamt up by IDE students and researchers will inspire visitors – especially young people – with design’s potential to shape our future world. Meanwhile the 4TU’s Design United will be exhibiting the latest in design research from the Netherland’s four technical universities, triggering debate around design’s role in societal transitions.
But that’s not all. With Delft design engineers also represented at 4TU’s Drive Festival and the Embassy of Sustainable Design by Van Berlo, TU Delft’s presence at Northern Europe’s biggest design festival promises ample opportunity for design inspirations, connections and solutions. More information will be added here in the coming weeks.

Humans of TU Delft: Wing Yan Man about Dutch design

10 October 2023

Who are the people who study or work at TU Delft? We meet them in this series. Wing Yan Man is organising the first ever IDE standalone exhibit at Dutch Design Week.

“In August 2021 I started as programme coordinator for Artificial Intelligence at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE). During that time I attended the annual Dutch Design Week (DDW) twice, and I was surprised that we didn't have our own exhibition as a faculty. Under the umbrella of 4TU Design United, we do collaborate to design exhibitions and plan events with the other three universities in 4TU: Eindhoven University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research Centre, and the University of Twente. While some of the other universities have their own exhibits, we as the biggest design faculty did not. [...]"

[Article by Delta | Written by Heather Montague]