TU Delft students and researchers show how they see the future during Dutch Design Week

During Dutch Design Week, you can discover 8 interactive installations in the basement of Area 51 in Eindhoven. The installations were designed by Delft students and researchers. Caspar Chorus, dean of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering: " For the first time, TU Delft has its own exhibition at Dutch Design Week. You will find some of the coolest projects which our designers created this year." 

The designers from the TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering faculty invite you to come and explore their futuristic dream world during the DREAM.DISCOVER.DESIGN exhibition at Dutch Design Week 2023. Eight immersive installations designed by students and researchers will make you think about how we can design a better world. A world where products are truly sustainable, people are equal and happy, and where technology does not divide us, but connects.

Discover the eight installations:

Are society & systems designed to fit you?

Unconscious Bias

How do you work on your mental health?

Mind Muscle Club

In fact, just how objective is the news?

The Personal Press

How do we design products that last a lifetime?

Speculative Toasty Maker

How can you improve the city with Bruno the Bench?

Bruno the Bench

Will we become friends with robots?

Personal Companion POS

What can we learn from the network of tree roots?


Do you really listen to others?

Conversation Game