Information coronavirus

Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering

On this page we inform employees, students and other visitors about the additional measures that are being taken at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering against the spread of the corona virus Covid-19.

All general information regarding the measures taken by TU Delft is displayed in one central place: click below to view this information.

Update 17 March 2022


The Dutch government has decided to further relax the remaining COVID-19 measures. That means that from now on, everyone is welcome on campus again throughout the week. Students should keep an eye on Brightspace to see how  this affects educational activities in the various courses.

A number of recommendations remain in place.

If you are showing symptoms, stay at home and take a self-test. If the result is positive, get tested at municipal health service GGD. Check here when to go into quarantine and when to get tested.

Continue to follow the hygiene measures which help limit the spread of COVID -19 and other viruses: wash your hands regularly, cough and sneeze in your elbow, and ventilate indoor areas well.

The advice to spend no more than 50% of the working week at the office has been withdrawn with immediate effect. We are moving towards a hybrid working environment. In the coming period, we will ask managers and employees to discuss the possibility of, and experiment with, hybrid working.

As of 23 March, it is now longer compulsory to wear face masks on public transport. You can still protect yourself and others by wearing a face mask in busy locations, but this is an advice only.

Staff and students can still order self-tests free of charge. More information can be found at

Follow the travel advice (Dutch only) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when travelling abroad. Be well prepared on your return to the Netherlands by doing a travel check beforehand.

Finally, we ask everyone to continue to show consideration for each other in the coming period. After two years of restrictions, not everyone will feel comfortable with close contact or in crowded spaces. Give each other as much time and space as possible to adjust to the new situation. Colleagues who, for example for health reasons, find it stressful to return to the campus, are advised to discuss this with their manager. Employees and students who need help or advice in other cases can of course also turn to their manager or study advisor.

Naturally, we remain alert to developments. If the circumstances call for it, further information will follow via this website and the other usual channels.