Information coronavirus

Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering

On this page we inform employees, students and other visitors about the additional measures that are being taken at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering against the spread of the corona virus Covid-19.

All general information regarding the measures taken by TU Delft is displayed in one central place: click below to view this information.

Update: 17 January 2022

In the press conference of Friday 14 January it was announced that universities may open their doors again from this coming Monday.

What does this mean for IDE? Earlier this month, we decided that education (except for exams and practical work) would stay online until the end of Q2.This means that for the next two weeks, education remains online with the exception of specific groups of students (for example graduating students) who are permitted to come to the faculty. Our Education and Students affairs team are now working on plans to reinitiate on-campus education as far as possible from the beginning of Q3.   

For staff, the working from home rule remains in effect. For staff who really need to come to the faculty for education, research or other practical reasons, we urge you to stick by the basic rules which we outline below. Please pay particular attention to the new advice regarding face masks. The highly infectious nature of the Omicron variant means that masks should now be worn when seated, as well as when moving around campus. The exception to this is when you are eating or drinking.

•    Wear a disposable face mask inside, including when seated, and outside if you are unable to keep a safe distance of 1.5 metres. Rather than reusable cloth masks, please use disposable masks, preferably type II.
•    Stay at home if you have corona-related symptoms and get tested or use a self-test.  Even if you are symptom-free, you are advised to test twice a week using free self-tests. If your test is positive, please contact the GGD to arrange an official PCR test.
•    If you have been in contact with someone who is infected, do the Quarantine Check and follow the quarantine guidelines.
•    Keep to the basic measures: wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, do not shake hands and sneeze and cough into your elbow.
•    Give each other space and keep a distance of 1.5 metres.
•    Follow the walking routes in the building.
•    There is a limit of 75 people per room (with the exception of exam rooms).


Update: 5 January 2022

Online education for the last final weeks of quarter 2

This week, the Dutch government has decided to extend the lockdown for universities. Although further changes may be announced in a press conference scheduled for 14 January, for the final weeks of this quarter (from January 10 until February 4), TU Delft | Industrial Design Engineering will deliver almost all education online. We believe that this decision offers more clarity for both students and staff.  

Please refer to MyTimetable to find out when course activities are planned. The Brightspace environments of courses offer more detailed information about the activities and how to attend them.

A small number of activities will continue to  take place on campus in the coming three weeks, namely:

  • Prototyping activities for which facilities of the faculty are needed (see also the information below)
  • Drawing classes
  • Computer practicals for which specific software is needed
  • Exams and re-sits

Other measures, that are in place in the coming weeks:  

  • Graduation ceremonies must take place online. This means that all guests must attend graduation ceremonies online.  If preferred, the student can use the reserved room for broadcasting the ceremony. In this case, one other IDE student is allowed to help the student with the online set-up. Furthermore, the IDE supervisory team members can decide to attend the ceremony in the reserved room or otherwise join online.
  • Students who have been assigned a graduation workplace can still make use of the assigned working station.
  • IDE students, who need printing and/or reproduction facilities for their courses, can come to the faculty and make use of the machine next to the Service Desk.
  • It’s possible to pick up any orders at the bookshop DA-SH.
  • The PMB is only open for courses with prototyping activities and for graduating IDE Master’s students. Please check with Don van Eeden before coming to the PMB or one of his colleagues about what is possible. The PMB staff will be monitoring health and safety. Please follow their instructions.     
  • It’s not possible to make use of the self-study spaces in the main hall of the Faculty or without a reservation. The faculty has reserved some rooms for self-study at the Faculty. These can be used by all students, but only after having made a reservation. Please click here to read the information and to make a reservation. Or take a look at the possibilities for self-study places offered by TU Delft.
  • And last but not least, please comply with the general Corona-measures in order to ensure a safe campus.