Injury-free exercise for everyone

An NWO Perspectief program focusing on injury prevention in sports consisting of 9 subprojects with prof. Frans van der Helm as main program leader. The project started in April 2018. More information about the projects.

The CAS program combines three fundamental research lines (P1: Sensors, P2: Data science, P3: Feedback) with six applied research lines (P4-P9) focussingon specific sports and injuries.

The Emerging Materials group is involved in subprojects P6 and P8:

P6: Reducing hamstring injuries in soccer and field hockey using smart sensor shorts

  • Project members: RUG, TUD, VU, KNVB and KNHB

We will develop the smart shorts with embedded soft sensors which can monitor the movements around the hip and knee joints during training. The sensor shorts will be tested and evaluated at the KNVB in Zeist

P8: Monitor and prevent thermal injuries in endurance and Paralympic sports

  • Project members: VU, TUD, RUMC, NOC*NSF, HVA, Sunweb, IZI Cooling, Nijmeegse Vierdaagse, Watersportverbond

We will develop the cooling garments which will be evaluated and tested under various conditions