Complaint coordinator

Procedure for dealing with complaints

Any complaint should first be submitted to, and dealt with by, the lowest relevant operational level. For example, a complaint about scheduling should first be raised with the scheduling team. If the complainant does not agree with the reaction or the solution that is offered, they may take the complaint to the complaint coordinator.

Every student or employee is entitled to submit a complaint, by sending an email to the complaint coordinator: The complaint may relate to education, organisation, procedures, etc.

The Education and Student Affairs team discusses newly-received complaints. The complaints are put to the person or persons in the department or faculty with the responsibility for resolving them. Each complaint will be handled carefully and it will be assessed whether the nature of the complaint is an incident or whether there are structural issues to be addressed and improved.

The complainant receives acknowledgement of his complaint and an indication of when it will be dealt with and the steps that will be taken. They are also notified after the complaint has been resolved. In case they do not agree with how the complaint has been dealt with, it is possible to refer it to the Dean or finally the Delft University of Technology Ombudsman.