Starting a Master's programme

Application for master’s programme
Before you have completed your bachelor's degree you can apply for a master's degree via studielink. If you apply well before the summer holidays, you will receive all information about (the start of) the master's in time. If you apply for both the bachelor's and the master's, the student administration (CSA) will convert your enrollment in the bachelor's into an enrollment in the master's programme as soon as you have passed the last course of your bachelor's programme and have been declared graduated by the board of examiners. For the latter, please do not forget to apply for your bachelor's degree in time. You don't have to wait until the last grades are known.

As a bachelor's student you are not allowed to take exams and / or to follow projects or practicals from your master programme. Master’s courses that you complete before having completed your final bachelor’s course become part of your bachelor’s programme. The board of examiners of the master's programme will oblige you to follow an alternative course. 

While planning resits, the bachelor's programmes will take into account inflow in the masters’ in September or February.

Request for an extra exam
If you accidentally miss one course or module to complete your bachelor's and have (almost) no study delay, you can send a documented request for an extra exam to the Board of Examiners, with a recommendation of the academic counsellor. The Board of Examiners will take into account the following guide line while assessing your request: you have almost no study delay, you are missing one course or module to complete your Bachelor's and you have shown effort to complete the specific course. The Board of Examiners will take into account special circumstances. Please be sure that your request is well documented.