Starting out in a new environment can be daunting, whether it be being away from family, meeting new people or navigating studying with disabilities. The TU Delft aims to make the experience of their students as comfortable as possible by offering their students several avenues to have their needs heard. These include:  

Academic Counsellors 

There are academic counsellors at every faculty at TU Delft, and you will meet the academic counsellors for TPM during orientation week at the faculty. They are the first point of contact for any personal queries concerning student welfare, from applying to the course, choosing subjects and student housing to referrals to a student psychologist or counsellor. 


Horizon is an online platform from the Career and Counselling Services for students studying with disabilities or special needs. They offer information, advice and customisable solutions tailored to a student’s particular need. They can be contacted via email at Additionally, the faculty also has Student Ambassadors for Disability to answer any queries (You can send them an email at 

Study Associations 

If you are wondering how you would break the ice with the new crowd, each course at the TU Delft has its study association. The study associations are active in contributing to discussions about the education program on behalf of the student community. They also organise several excursions at home and abroad, company days and lectures where students find opportunities and interact with like minds.  On the social scene, they also put together frequent get-togethers and even themed parties!  

Curius is our TPM students association at the university!