Practical information

The building

The faculty of TPM is located in a U-shaped building. It is divided into 4 wings, A, B, C and D.
Wing A is the left wing (from the front entrance), Wing C is the wing on the right. Wing B connects A and C. Wing B has 4 floors, Wings A and C have 3. Wing D comprises most of the student facilities and is located above the parking area.

Room numbers

Room numbers are constructed like this: wing floor, room number.
For example, the dean has room 080 in wing a, second floor: a2.080.

Self study locations

On the ground floor and first floor you will find a number of computer rooms, project rooms and the ‘studielandschap’. Opening hours: 08.00-22.30.





Ground floor,
Computer room A



First floor,
Computer room B

79 if no class is scheduled

Project rooms (12)     

Ground floor A-wing

1-12 (contact Service Desk)

Self-study spaces

Ground floor hall First floor,


Various compartments

Silent rooms

Computer room A,

2 for 6 persons
1 for 8 persons

Extended opening hours

During week 8, 9 and 10 of each period you can study until 24.00hrs

Study material


TU Delft uses an online ordering system for lecture notes (‘readers’) through Brightspace -> Resources. You can choose to have the lecture notes delivered to your home address or to pick them up at the Library. The notes will be printed as soon as payment has been received. A few working days later they will be delivered to your home address or you can pick th=em up at the Service Desk. It is also possible to download readers in pdf format.

A useful tip: select the “IDeal” payment option to avoid delays. If you cannot pay online and you do not wish to make a bank transfer, we advise you to arrange your payment through a fellow student.

If you have any questions about the order and payment process, please contact:


Books are usually sold through Student Society Curius and the VSSD. For more information go to:



The TU Delft enables (future) students and employees to buy a laptop at discount price, before the start of the new academic year. Check Support on Laptop project to see how to handle in case of hardware problems.

First Aid

In case of emergency always contact the Service Desk (2789801).


A limited number of lockers is available in the D-wing. You can use these lockers with your campus card. There is an instruction attached to the lockers. You can use the locker during a week (Monday up to and including Friday). Every Friday the lockers will be emptied and released. The remaining stuff will be left at the Service point in the main hall of the faculty.

Smoking policy

Smoking is permitted in the parking lot (at the back of the building) near the bicycle shed only.

Food and drinks

On the ground floor (B-wing) the cafeteria (Food & Beverage Corner) and the TB-Café are located.

The F&B Corner serves  good espresso coffee, sandwiches, salads, soups and hot snacks.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10.00-15.00 hrs.

Or you can make your own coffee in the self-service coffee bars from DE Coffee kitchen.

The TB-cafe can be booked for gatherings. For more information see: TB-Café.
Every Thursday there is an open bar from 4 pm.