DEI4EAI Workshop 3: Embodied AI & Ableism

05 november 2021 09:00 t/m 15:30 - Locatie: Online | Zet in mijn agenda

Registration deadline: 4 November 2021, anytime on Earth

How can we unpack if and how seemingly "neutral" AI embeds racism or other forms of bias that demonstrate systemic injustice?

Bias in AI comes in many forms. Voice assistants may not recognize certain accents, image recognition algorithms may mislabel people based on assumed race and gender, and embodied AI, like robots, can be non-inclusive in design, e.g., robots with "female" voices with white bodies. Thus, we think of ways to make room for greater diversity in the design and deployment of AI systems on this day, for ethics in AI should be an integral process rather than an afterthought. We will together 1) aim to understand and mitigate the effects of bias and racism in AI and 2) outline how to promote diversity in and of future AI systems, as well as in AI research teams.

This is an online version of an event that is held in conjunction with a week-long winter school on Humans &Technology (in Delft, the Netherlands). To join the event on Friday, first register via eventbrite: Then click access the event under Location, Online event (on the right side of the eventbrite page) and click join now. An email confirmation will take you to the same page when you click view the event.

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