Webinar of the Pandemic and Disaster Preparedness Center (PDPC)

17 februari 2022 13:00 t/m 14:00 | Zet in mijn agenda

The second webinar of the Pandemic and Disaster Preparedness Center (PDPC) is about the lessons learned during this pandemic and what they teach us about better water disaster preparedness. But also the other way around: What does water management teach us about structural preparedness for pandemics? And how vulnerable is our health care system during a crisis?


13:00 Introduction by Pearl Dykstra (EUR)
13:05 Lessons for future pandemic and disaster preparedness with Anja Schreijer (Erasmus MC)
13:15 The 2021 floods in the Netherlands: findings and lessons for future preparedness by Bas Jonkman (TU Delft)
13:25 Dancing with a virus? Pandemic governance in the Dutch healthcare sector by Roland Bal (Erasmus MC)
13:35 Q&A and discussion with consortium members Tina Comes (TU Delft), Maarten van Aalst (Red Cross), Yvonne van Duijnhoven (GGD), Bart van den Hurk (CEO Deltares), Joke Boonstra (Erasmus MC) and others. 
14:00 Closure 


Webinar series

At PDPC academics from a wide range of disciplines will carry out cutting-edge research. In addition, they will collaborate with policymakers and practitioners at local, national, and international levels. The central research themes of PDPC will be discussed in a series of webinars every 3rd Thursday of the month. You can find more information about the online seminars on the PDCP website.

Foto door Rachel Claire via Pexels
Foto door Rachel Claire via Pexels