Workshop Moments of Reading: {AI, Design, Democracy}

15 maart 2023 10:00 t/m 11:30 - Locatie: Studio Say (B-2-040) at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft | Zet in mijn agenda

AI, design, and democracy are terms whose definitions seem ever-expanding. They refer to a wide variety of technical systems, methods, infrastructures, and social practices that are not always in dialogue with each other.

This workshop starts out from the assumption that definitions are not an expression of a stable identity, but moments of reading and interpretation of processes in constant change. Rather than relying on disciplinary roles for making clear distinctions between these three notions, participants will be invited to bridge the gap between engineering, design, and philosophy to come up with new relationships that put AI, design, and democracy in dialogue with each other.

Participants will learn about two case studies (on synthetic media and algorithmic newsfeeds) for which AI has a direct impact on our ideas about democracy. The goal is for participants to develop a critical understanding of the relationships between AI, design, and democracy in an engaging way.

For whom

The workshop is intended to be an internal TU Delft event; however externals are welcome. The target group are master’s students and PhDs from TPM, IDE and Computer Science (especially those working on AI).

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Organized by the AI DeMoS Lab, a conjoint research project from the TPM and IDE faculties.